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July 26, 2010



Great to have you back, Reno.

I loved Everlasting Moments & Summer Hours too.
Could such a level of humanism be achieved by an
American director? I don't know. Have we fallen so deep into despotic financialism that only money & technology matters?

I await Malick's Tree of Life.

By the way, watching Summer Hours made me think of Rohmer, so afterwards I watched my favorite of his (tho I must admit I haven't seen that many), Summertime (French title: Le Rayon Vert). Have you seen it? I think you'd love it. Ah, the great "Oui!" at the end.



I will most certainly check out Summertime.

As to your question ... I'm not sure an American director can achieve that level of humanism, as you say. And if it could be done, it would probably never get distributed!

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